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A Rich History of and for the People

Paul has had a rich history of speaking in front of an audience – whether on screen or on stage. For Paul, it’s always been about communication.

He talked his way into the news business where he learned to listen to the witnesses, craft and then deliver an accurate story to the public, sometimes under strenuous deadlines. He became a live shot reporter, anchor, and then producer. Years later, he leveraged that experience to form Kirwin Communications. He and his team listened, learned and presented a company’s new sports technology to retail salespeople, sometimes in 7 different languages.

In 2002, Paul had an idea. Why not bring this type of training online? Brands could have an easy platform to disseminate their message, and retail salespeople could complete the training at their convenience. He called it 3point5, which is the optimal distance between a salesperson and consumer during a floor conversation.  3point5 became Experticity and grew to be the largest online training company in America.

As a news anchor for KTVX in Salt Lake City.

Realizing that consumers trusted the opinions of buyers and now buyers could publish directly to the public, Paul took it to the next level. In 2010 he started Channel Signal, which collects and measures consumer product reviews. By listening to the Voice of the Buyer, brands become more consumer-centric, build loyalty and improve ROI as a result.

As Seen At:

Snowsports Industry of America Winter Conference

Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association Leadership Conference

Outdoor Industry Association Outdoor University

University of Utah Winter Operations Scholars Conference

Incite Group Marketing Summit

You’re in for an Experience

From the news business to today, Paul has always been about listening to and communicating with people. When you hire Paul to speak at your event, people listen. Why? Because Paul knows people. But “people” are an in depth topic and there is much to say. Paul doesn’t just give a few pre-planned speeches. He tailors interactive, actionable, funny and moving talks to your event and your audience.

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