Praise for Paul

"Paul brought an articulate and unique perspective to our panel at Thin Air on Building Consumer-Centric Businesses. His understanding of customers’ pervasive and hard to measure influence on products and his framing of brands’ opportunity to analyze and drive insights from this influence was enlightening. Our attendees, many of them either consumer brand representatives or retailers themselves, walked away with new strategic and tactical knowledge about how to thrive in the ever-changing retail landscape."

Ben Rifkin, President, RSIIC

“Paul Kirwin is an engaging and insight-inducing presenter who is on point with online product reviews and how to leverage them to your advantage as a product manufacturer or even service provider. His knowledge of the subject is deep, and when Paul talks, people listen.”

Kenji Haroutunian, Former Outdoor Retailer Show Director and Owner of Kenji Consults

"Paul Kirwin earned a nod from his peers because of his vision and unique ability to get others to see a kernel of a good and marketable idea amid an often vast field of industry clutter. Whether it is marketing a brand as an advertising executive, or developing a brand as a business owner, Paul leads and inspires by passionate example, and surrounds himself with such great talent it is hard for his ideas to fail."

Michael Hodgson, Editor/Publisher SNEWS
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